There seems, in the U.S., to be a growing willingness on the part of artists and curators to present “works” that offend God and believers, especially Catholics.

This painting was done by a student at FIT in NYC, and shown in the school’s Spring 2010 exhibition. At the base are condoms. The comments on the canvas are more sad than offensive. The greater sadness is over the “guides” — parents and teachers in this person’s life.

It has been said that even the most vile artwork manifests in some way the artist’s yearning for redemption. But that doesn’t mean it has to be publicly displayed by a state school.

What would Marc Chagall say to this artist? “The essential thing is art, painting, a painting different from the painting everyone else does. But what sort? Will God or someone give me the power to breath my sigh into my canvases, the sigh of prayer and sadness, the prayer of salvation, of rebirth?”