Two great American sports figures, Don Shula and Chris Mullin, were honored last night at the 26th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner in New York.

Both Mullin (recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame), and Shula (in the Football Hall of Fame as the winningest coach in NFL history), are Catholics and both take their faith seriously.

OC asked Coach Shula if Catholic humanism — being a whole person, informed his life? He said “It really has. I think its so important. You win with good people. You try to set the right example when you are in a leadership position. It’s always things I’ve felt very strongly about — the way I conduct myself and the example or image that I am giving off.”

Chris Mullin commented, “Faith is everything. My Catholic upbringing I rely on daily. If you life a good life good things will happen.”

Don Shula and Chris Mullin are examples of coherent and fruitful living out of the Gospel as Catholic laymen in the world — which most certainly has included struggles and setbacks, but also the realization that all things work for the good for those who love God.