Leymah Gbowee, of Liberia, is one of the three winners of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Ms. Gbowee has been a force for unity and peace in her country and throughout Africa — bringing together Muslims and Christians in prayer. Her efforts helped to end Liberia’s 2nd Civil War in 2003, and with it the Taylor regime, using non-violent means.

OC caught up with Leymah in March (while not a Catholic, she says she has been influenced by Catholicism, her sister attended a Catholic school). She commented on the importance of men and women being healthy “together.” It is common today to hear feminist activists in NGOs and even diplomats focus on ’empowering’ women and children, at the expense of men. Ms. Gbowee seems to understand ‘healthy’ feminism, rooted in the Spirit, and has put it to work for the good of society.

Leymah tells the story of a song her sister taught her that helps her to have faith and deal with anger. It goes: “My Lord, he died for his kingdom to redeem the hearts of man. So my people don’t you weep, the Lord is raising from his sleep. He lives again. Hallelujah! My people don’t you weep.”