The 66th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, aka “Occupy the Waldorf,” was presided over by Stephen A. Schwarzman, whose firm, The Blackstone Group, owns the Waldorf Astoria.

In his remarks Mr. Schwarzman, who is Jewish, said that he and his wife Christine (a Catholic) support 200 students in Catholic schools. He suggested merging the Jewish and Catholic religions — joking that “only one article of the faith would have to be altered — the Holy Trinity, to include: the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and brother the doctor.”

Mr. Schwarzman described what he saw as two longstanding narratives in the U.S. — one being ‘rugged individualism’ and the other ‘collective action.’ He said the “social fabric is being ripped apart today as people take advantage of individuals suffering.”

Archbishop Dolan’s remarks were brief in order, as he put it, “to get home and watch the World Series.” Describing himself as the “Chris Christie of the American Church hierarchy” and the dinner as being “big,” the Archbishop emphasized (a number of times) that the event was to help “the little people.”