“Today’s feast is an anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ in power and majesty. His glorious return will fill the hearts of his faithful with joy and wipe away every tear. This feast is also a summons for us to impregnate with the spirit of Christ all temporal realities. The Second Vatican Council has declared: The expectation of a new earth must not weaken but rather stimulate our concern for cultivating this one. For here grows the body of a new human family, a body which even now is able to give some kind of foreshadowing of the new age.” Francis Fernandez, In Conversation With God

“The sharing of Christ’s kingly mission, that is to say the fact of rediscovering in oneself and others the special dignity of our vocation that can be described as “kingship.” This dignity is expressed in readiness to serve, in keeping with the example of Christ, who ‘came not to be served but to serve.’ If, in the light of this attitude of Christ’s, “being a king” is truly possible only by “being a servant,” then “being a servant” also demands so much spiritual maturity that it must really be described as “being a king.” In order to be able to serve others worthily and effectively we must be able to master ourselves, possess the virtues that make this mastery possible. Our sharing in Christ’s kingly mission — His “kingly function” (munus) — is closely linked with every sphere of both Christian and human morality. John Paul II, The Redeemer of Man (1979)

Artwork: The Resurrection, Piero della Francesca