The New York Giants picked up their Superbowl XLVI rings last night at Tiffany & Co. in Manhattan.

Anyone who even casually follows professional sports, and the NFL, has to be impressed with the New York Giants Football Team — one of the most storied and successful organizations in all of sports. Since their inception in 1925, the Giants have been owned or co-owned by members of the Mara family — a Catholic family with a reputation for practicing their faith.

One of the reasons for the team’s success over the years has been a unifying spirit, emanating from the owners and coaches, that has overcome the business side of professional football.

OC had a chance to speak with John Mara at Tiffany last night. We asked him about growing up Catholic and being faithful in the world, as the co-owner of the Giants. He said: “It’s something that was drummed into us at a very early age — the importance of our Catholic faith, of going to church and observing the sacraments. Growing up, there was never ever any kind of excuse for missing Mass on Sundays. It’s something we try to pass on to our own kids. It’s an important part of our lives.”

Talking about the team, Mr. Mara said: “I think there’s a lot of spirituality on our team. We’ve got guys from different denominations that take their faith very seriously. It’s a good group of guys, with good values, who do a lot for the community.” Regarding team spirit, he commented: “You can’t win in this league without it.”