Commentary: When historians look back and attempt to understand how the United States became the beast that it did — exporting revolutions, financial calamity and cultural rot — the Catholic Church will be judged critically for what American Catholics did and failed to do, when this so-called nation of believers made a mockery of freedom and the Gospel, and set back society.

In his remarks at the 67th Al Smith Dinner, which included President Obama and Governor Romney, Cardinal Dolan said that Al Smith (the first Catholic to run for President in 1928) was a warrior on behalf of ‘uns’ — and believed that “government should also be on the side of these ‘uns’: the unemployed, uninsured, unwanted, unwed mothers, unborn babies, undocumented, unhoused, unhealthy and under-educated.”

Today the ‘uns’ that need support include the UN (United Nations), which continues to be undermined by the U.S. and the anarchists of the world.