EternalWorkThe state of society can leave people feeling broken, alienated and confused. Sin and disorder are causing collapse within and among individuals and institutions. To be united with the Lord, and His Cross, is to find coherence and meaning — amid the mysteries and contradictions that accompany us through life.

The fact is only one word is needed to fit together all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle and make an intelligible picture out of it. The contrasts of existence are henceforth only secondary appearances once a principle of unity joins together their most diverse actions. It is this principle of unity, which is the reason for living. Everything becomes clear, everything is acceptable, everything is beneficial in our lives, if our reason for living is the same one as that which made Jesus forget food and drink, tiredness and rest, the lateness or the urgency of the hour: My food is to do the will of him who sent me, that I may perfect his work (John 4: 34).

Those who speak ill of life, have not understood it. The Christian can only bless it, because he knows that he is living in order to accomplish a given fate and that from now on he is taking part in the performance of an eternal work.” The Well of Life, Georges Chevrot (1960)