TomasHalik2Tomas Halik, holding his book Night Of The Confessor: Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty, spoke at the Czech Center in NYC last evening.

“I would like, in this book, to show that the crisis of the world around us, and also the ‘crisis of religion’ (whether that is taken to mean the decline in the influence and stability of traditional religious institutions, the dwindling persuasiveness of existing systems of religious interpretations of the world and faith, or personal crisis in ‘spiritual life’) are enormous windows of opportunity opened to us by God. These are challenges for us to put out into the deep.” Tomas Halik, Night Of The Confessor (2012)

Tomas Halik worked as a psychotherapist during the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia and at the same time was secretly ordained as a Catholic priest and active in the underground church. Since the fall of the regime, he has served as general secretary to the Czech Conference of Bishops and was an adviser to Vaclav Havel.