NewYorkEncounter2013aCommentary: During the Year of Faith and New Evangelism Church leaders and teachers are promoting a personal encounter with a personal God — that “transforms our innermost selves revealing our true identity as children of God.” (Pope Benedict XVI). At the same time some are failing to acknowledge the need to avoid sin and respect the order established by the Creator — so important if we are to forgive, love our enemies, and live united with God.

The Church must give an honest answer to the question “What good must I do to gain eternal life?” (Mt 19:16). Christ forewarned us, telling us that the road to eternal salvation is not broad and comfortable, but narrow and difficult (Mt 7:13-14). We do not have the right to abandon that perspective, nor change it. This is what the Magisterium admonishes; it is also the duty of theologians—above all, moralists—who, in cooperation with the Magisterium, have their own special part to play. John Paul II, Crossing The Threshold Of Hope (Knopf 1994)