CultureOfLife4The Pro-Life Movement — a political action movement that seeks to restrict abortions in America, has become the vanguard of the Church’s New Evangelism.

At the recent symposium: Advancing a Culture of Life (held at the NYU Catholic Center), the program guide included small type that read: Pro-Life Argument in the Coming Generation.

The problem is that many ‘pro-lifers’ are not in sync with Christocentric anthropology, and their deeds reflect it. How else to explain the pro-lifers who support unjust wars, torture, assassinations etc?

While we oppose all abortions, we also oppose the term “pro-life” being used in Catholic evangelism and apologetics because it is redundant, divisive and at times incoherent. More important is the need for those who say they are ‘pro-life,’ to truly participate in Divine Life.