EvangelicalCatholicism (3)Pope Francis offered prayers recently on his Twitter feed for the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It would be edifying if he did the same for the thousand Iraqis killed during the month of May — mostly women and children in sectarian violence.

In his book, Evangelical Catholicism (Basic Books, 2013), George Weigel says the “Bishop of Rome is, above all, the Church’s first witness — the witness whose own witness strengthens the witness of all the brethren.”

Offering prayers for Iraq, the Pope might also seek forgiveness for prominent Catholics, including Mr. Weigel, who contributed to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the broken society that followed — which now includes Syria.

Also in his book Weigel advocates for “recentering the Church’s life on the Gospel and on friendship with Jesus…”

Analysis: We are called to be more than just ‘friends with Jesus.’ “He (God the Father) destined us in love to be his sons and to be conformed to the image of his Son through the spirit of sonship.” CCC 257

“May Christ Himself help us to follow the path of true renewal towards that fullness of life and of eucharistic worship whereby the Church is built up in that unity that she already possesses, and which she desires to bring to ever greater perfection for the glory of the living God and for the salvation of all humanity.” John Paul II, The Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist, 1980