JMEStPatricks2013MyersThe Prelature and friends of Opus Dei remembered St. Josemaria Escriva on his feast day, June 26, with Masses around the world. The Mass in NYC was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; the principle celebrant was the Most Rev. John Myers Archbishop of Newark, NJ.

In his homily, Archbishop Myers recounted the story of Our Lady’s Juggler, a favorite of Escriva, as well as the idea that any work done with love is the greatest work of all.

On a day that saw the nullification of the federal law in the United States — defining marriage as between a man and a woman, it was surprising and disappointing that Archbishop Myers didn’t address the mounting disorder in American society and the many challenges facing Catholics today.

St. Josemaria reminds us: “As a Christian you have a duty to act and not stand aloof, making your contribution to serve the common good loyally and with personal freedom.” The Forge 714

“We children of God, who are citizens with the same standing as any others, have to take part fearlessly in all honest human activities and organizations, so that Christ may be present in them.

Our Lord will ask a strict account of each one of us if through neglect or love of comfort we do not freely strive to play a part in human developments and decisions on which the present and future of society depend.” The Forge 715