EgyptChurch070313bSupporters of Mohamed Morsi, the ousted President of Egypt, attacked several Coptic churches today. This photo was taken in Minya, Egypt, presumably of St. George Church. Morsi came to power with the help of the U.S. government after the Mubarak government was toppled — also with the help of the U.S. government.


July 5: Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie to Morsi — “We will sacrifice our souls for you!”

23 Coptic houses were burned in Dabayaa — West of Luxor, no reports of the army protecting Copts/churches, 3 burnt corpses were found.

July 6: At least 2 Coptic priests have been murdered by MB (Muslim Brotherhood).

American Christians who supported America’s disruption and plunder strategy in the Middle East, going back to 1917, have the blood of millions of Muslims and now countless Christians on their hands.