NgoziAgbim (2)Ngozi Agbim was buried today from The Church of Our Savior in New York City. She was 73, and died on June 24, 2013 after being hit by a truck at an intersection in Brooklyn, NY. Mrs. Agbim is survived by her husband Silas and two children.

Her life was exemplary for its dedication and sanctity as a wife, mother, and professional person (librarian).

One of Ngozi’s colleagues at LaGuardia Community College, where she retired in 2004 as Chief Librarian, had this to say about her.

How can I describe Ngozi?

The Ngozi I knew was an energetic, innovative, principled, and professional librarian. She was dedicated to serving the information needs of LaGuardia students, faculty, and staff and, to that end, she marshaled all possible resources. “No” was not in her vocabulary. She encouraged her staff to share her values of untiring service, farseeing and creative problem solving, acceptance of diversity, and high ethical standards. She argued, cajoled, debated, persuaded until she achieved her goals: budget, staffing, tenure and promotions, curricula, books, media, technology—whatever the library needed. She started the Library’s instruction program, supervised the move into the current premises, oversaw the Library’s response to the revolution in information technology—and did not tire.

NgoziThe Ngozi I knew cared for her staff. She worked intensely to further our careers, to facilitate reappointments, tenure, promotions, sabbaticals. She knew the strengths of each individual and helped each one succeed in that direction. She asked about the children, accommodated family emergencies and kindergarten graduations, sent condolences, good wishes for speedy recoveries, and holiday greetings. She was generous with her smile.

The Ngozi I knew is gone and we are all the poorer for it. Much of the LaGuardia Library is her legacy and much of what we, her staff, are today is also her legacy. May we prove worthy of it.

Louise Fluk, LaGuardia Librarian since 1992

Ngozi lived a coherent Christian life. In a world increasingly hostile to life she was faithful to the end, dying just minutes after leaving Mass. We pray that she is home with the Father in heaven, and for her intercession before God for our salvation.