GayManIn his press Q & A, following World Youth Day, Pope Francis suggested that those (priests) with “gay tendencies” are “not the problem,” as long as they accept the Lord, have good will, and don’t form a “lobby.”

Pope Francis’s “Who am I to judge?” echoes Shakespeare’s Iago (from Othello) saying: “I am not what I am.”

Christian charity and the Church’s teaching that gays should not be marginalized does not mean that they can or should be priests. A man whose identity is in ‘being gay’ is not conformed to Christ and therefore unable to be a gift for the Church, the way that Christ intended His Shepherds to be.

By means of the Sacrament of Orders, the Holy Spirit configures the candidate to a new and specific role, Jesus Christ: the priest, in fact, sacramentally represents Christ, Head, Shepherd, and Bridegroom of the Church. Because of this configuration to Christ the entire life of the holy priest must be animated by the gift of the whole person to the Church and with an authentic pastoral love.

This department, in agreement with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, holds it necessary clearly to affirm that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, may not admit to the seminary and Holy Orders those who practice homosexuality, show profound deep-rooted homosexual tendencies or support so-called gay culture. Vatican Document on Homosexuals and Seminaries, November 4, 2005