JeromeLejeune2On World Down Syndrome Day, we remember Dr. Jerome Lejeune (1926-1994), the geneticist who discovered the cause of Down Syndrome (the presence of an extra chromosome on the 21st pair).

Jerome Lejeune was convinced that discovering how to treat the ill effects of an additional 21st chromosome would provide the key to treating other genetic disorders as well. One day he discovered that some planned to use his discovery to prenatally identify and abort babies with trisomy 21. “If I, who am a doctor who tries to cure them, do not publicly defend my little ones, I will have cheated them,” he once said. From this moment until his last breath he defended the right to life of every human being. He objected strongly to surgical abortions as well as the abortion pill, which he called the “the first anti-human pesticide.” Jerome Lejeune Foundation

Dr. Jerome’s cause for canonization is underway.