MemorialDayUSA2014aDrone2014Catholics should be good citizens of whatever country they are from, including serving in the country’s military, which can be difficult if the military is being used for unjust ends.

The service of American men and women, in uniform, has for over 100 years been abused by wrongheaded and corrupt politicians — seeking empire, revenge and spoils.

If Wilson had stayed out of WWI, it would have ended sooner (the Germans tried to end it in 1916) — World War II and Hitler could have been avoided, along with Stalin, Mao and the Cold War.

It’s worth noting that Pope Benedict XV proposed a plan to end WWI in August of 1917, that was rejected by Wilson and Lloyd George of England — who were intent on continuing the war. Sadly, Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore didn’t see fit to present the plan to Wilson.

In 1910 the U.S. debt was $1.15 billion. By 1919 it had risen to $24.49 billion — to pay for WWI. Today the debt is $18 trillion+, which can never be repaid given that tax revenues are only $2 trillion/year, combined with the country averaging $1 trillion deficits each year. The result is a nation that is neither free nor safe, but rather a gangster nation that preys on its own people and the world.

The notion that the nation is free and safe, in the wake of all this, is one of the many untruths repeated by America’s leaders (including Catholics who should know better).

The pastor of a church in NYC, commenting on Memorial Day, had this to say in his bulletin: “Our service members stand watch to preserve our peace and freedom, protecting us from enemies that would do us harm.”

That view fails to acknowledge the nature of true freedom and the overall situation in the United States today.

The reality is — the experiment in democracy has failed in the USA, because people and institutions have gone away from truth. The U.S. was undone from within. The country is sustaining itself by: printing money, propaganda and predator drones, while the world holds its breath.