SupermanNYCWoman (2)“He made no appeal to force; no rebellious clamour against authority; all material violence was alien to him. He was, in his short life here on earth, the ‘Lamb of God,’ not the ‘Lion of Juda’. ‘Meek and lowly of heart,’ as he loved to say, he came ‘to save, and not to destroy; to give his own life, and not to take away the life of others.’ He asked of man total self-denial, and he showed man the way of self-sacrifice.” Pere Didon, Jesus Christ (D. Appelton, 1891)

“The reason why the only-begotten Son of the Eternal Father wished to be a Son of Man, was that we might be made conformed to the image of the Son of God and be renewed according to the image of Him Who created us. Let those then who glory in the name of Christian all look to our Divine Saviour as the most exalted and most perfect exemplar of all the virtues; but then let them also by careful avoidance of sin and assiduous practice of virtue, bear witness by their conduct to His teaching and His life, so that when God appears they may be like unto Him and see Him as He is.” Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corpus Christi, 1943

The Man of Steel is about vengeance. The Son of Man is about conversion.