TomasHalikFr. Tomas Halik, “a leading Czech philosopher, sociologist, priest, and laureate of the 2014 Templeton Prize,” fielded questions on Faith, Love and God, 11/7, at the Scandinavia House in NYC. The event was part of the New Literature from Europe Festival.

In his remarks Fr. Halik referred to Zacchaeus, the tax collector, in the Gospel, saying that there are growing numbers of “seekers” (among believers and non-believers). He said: “I think I am here for the seekers,” and pointed to the need to “open structures of the Church for the “seekers,” adding that “infantile religious delusions should die.” He called for churchmen to “be seekers for the seekers not owners of the truth.”

But isn’t it true that what the “seekers” are seeking (thirsting for) is truth? And the Catholic Church is where they hope to (and should) find it — as children of God.

“For every existent must be ‘in truth.’ and it must ‘in truth’ be that which it is.” Edith Stein, Finite and Eternal Being