StreetArt2015qThe ‘American way of life,’ as a religion, is pernicious for everyone but particularly for women. Anyone who has watched a woman on a device can only feel sadness for her as she falls into the digital fountain. Add to that the ill-effects of drugs (improper meds), disordered actions, and the general disorientation of thought leaders (including feminists) in the U.S., and the situation is especially grave.

Those who take the time to unpack the so-called ‘American way of life’ soon discover that the American way of life is killing people. But for many the American way of life represents progress — a movement of the new. But how can that be when minds are dimmed and people are alone, sunk into their imperial self? The progress (and power) that really matters is that of consciousness, and connectedness—with God and others—which comes with living the truth of the Gospel, nourished by the living water of the Spirit.