Ascension“Jesus’ life on earth finished not with his death on the Cross but with his Ascension into Heaven. It is the last of the mysteries of his life here on earth. It is a redemptive mystery which together with the Passion, Death and Resurrection makes up the Pascal Mystery…The Ascension strengthens and nourishes our hope of attaining Heaven. It invites us always to lift up our heart and seek the things that are above. Our hope is very great because Christ himself has gone to prepare a dwelling place for us.

“The mission of the Church is to continue always the work of Christ, to teach men divine truths and to make known the demands these truths impose, to help men follow God’s way through the grace of the sacraments.

” Jesus wishes each of us to remain in his place, sanctifying the world from within, improving it and placing it at the feet of God. Only thus will the world be a place where human dignity is valued and respected, a place where men live in peace, in true peace, the peace which is so closely linked with God.” Francis Fernandez, In Conversation With God

Artwork: The Ascension, Jacobus of Kokkinobaphos, 1208