CorpusChristi2016MemorialDay2016aNear to where the Bishop stopped during a Corpus Christi procession in Queens, NY today, an empty can offered an apt reminder of the state of affairs (emptiness) that exists in the United States today — after years of widespread untruthfullness.

American leaders have long considered the American epoch to be a ‘new era’ based on a new order, often times at odds with the New Covenant. When people say: “I am King” the result is sin and nothingness. This feast is a time to re-commit oneself to the New Covenant and Our Lord’s invitation to live sacramentally in Communion with the Father, through the Son (true King) in the Spirit. Only then can we participate in the fullness of life, and be a new creation.

The Church’s teaching on Communion—in truth and charity, is the best hope for society, but it first has to be put into practice and realized by Catholics.

“Let us sing to the Love of loves,
Let us sing to the Lord:
Behold our God is here;
O Come, let us adore Christ our Redeemer…”