crisisforchristians2A recent interfaith forum at the Sheen Center in NYC, titled: “The Crisis for Christians in the Middle East,” included Ret. General Ray Odierno, former U.S. Army Chief-of-Staff and Judith Miller (photo).

In his remarks, the General advocated for a “safe haven” for Christians, not unilaterally, but with coalition support. He added that when he commanded U.S. troops in Iraq he never was given orders to protect Christians.

Various guests, including Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, spoke of the catastrophe that has befallen Christians in the Middle East and Northern Africa and the lack of support, even awareness, especially from those who should  care the most. Cardinal Timothy Dolan mentioned bishops from the region who have visited him, weeping and saying “please don’t forget us, we feel alone.”

The problem for Christians in places like Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria is primarily the result of America’s so-called democracy movement, strangely allied with Wahhabism. The American experiment in democracy was originally anchored in freedom and rights (and duties) born out of natural law — united with a Heavenly Father. Today’s democracy activists, having ditched the natural law (and international law), are pursuing democracy built on anarchy, driven by materialism, where each person is a sovereign (“I am King”) and democracy is malevolent — with the strong dominating the weak. Sadly many Catholics in the West have thrown in their lot with the purveyors of false freedom, at the expense of their Christian brothers and sisters, with nothing to show for it but broken countries and failed states.