BlessedSacramentNYCBTW3BTW4BTW5BTW2The Gay Fellowship of Blessed Sacrament Church, in NYC, held a fundraiser last evening to benefit two pro-LGBT organizations — one that seeks to have Church teaching altered to normalize the LGBT lifestyle. The church’s pastor was to have spoken at the event. Outside a dozen or so concerned Catholics gathered to pray the rosary. Event attendees came out to mock those praying and have pictures taken near them. “Cheers!” The NYPD was even called.

The model, given by Christ, for ‘life to the full’ is the losing/gaining of self — through the free gift of self — not through deviation, infantilism and hedonism. Churchmen (and cops) ought to be assisting with the former not the later. One way is to help people master themselves, and live chaste lives — rather than ‘Shitting on God’ (‘auf Gott scheissen’) as Freud described anal eroticism — so as not to exploit others but to be in real communion with them.

Living Our Lord’s commands, identifying with Him, assures the dignity of persons and fullness of life.